We are committed to locating unclaimed funds and returning them to their rightful owners.  We are very aggressive in representing you in the return of money and will "meet or beat" any other competitors fees.  To qualify for the discount from our normal 33% fee you will need to send us via mail, or fax a copy of the paperwork the "other" fund finders are using (paperwork showing the percent commission they are charging you).  Once this information is received we will modify our agreement to reflect the lower fee that you will be charged when we successfully receive your funds for you.  All legal fees, travel fees etc. will be covered by us and you will never be asked for money in advance.  This way to can be assured that we are working diligently to obtain your money and this is not a scam to obtain small "upfront" fees.  Give us a call so we can get the process started.  The institutions/agencies holding these funds will get to legally "steal" your money if you take no action to get back what is rightfully yours.  

Dr. Jo Ella Francis 
Dr. Francis enjoys blessing people around the country by finding them and letting them know that the research specialists have located unclaimed funds being held in their name.  The biggest frustration in this business is overcoming the skepticism that the company is a scam.  Please ask yourself how you can be "scammed" if we require no payment in advance and we never ask for your complete social security number!  Have some faith in your fellow American and realize that "good things" can happen to you.  Isn't this exciting? 

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